Giving credit where it's due, this site would not be possible without them. Thank you!

Naoko Takeuchi : for creating such a wonderful, gorgeous character as Chiba Mamoru and an amazing series (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon), that I will love forever, no matter how old I am.

Carissa: for always being an inspiration and a amazing host to me and this fanlisting! Thank you!

Danielle aka Hoshichan: for being a great inspiration, teacher, and muse, over the years. Thank you!

Enthusiast: the wonderful fanlisting management script I use to run this fanlisting, created by Angela. Thank you!

TheFanlistings.Org/The Anime Fanlistings/The Great networks/organizations that approves fanlistings like this one, and lists fans favorite subjects. Thank you!

All of the images throughout the site were edited and scanned/screencapped by me, or other wise stated.

A few extra links for you to check out.

Chiba Mamoru: at Wikipedia
Naoko Takeuchi: at Wikipedia
Forever I Promise: Chiba Mamoru and Tsukino Usagi fanlisting.
The Kept Promise: the Sailor Moon R Movie: (Promise of the Rose) fanlisting.
Across The Universe: my personal domain/collective.

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