What is a fanlisting?: A fanlisting is a place for all the fans of a particular show, movie, actor/actress, singer, etc, to come together and build the biggest listing of people all around the world who are fans of that subject. The subject of this fanlisting is for the gorgeous character Tuxedo Kamen / Chiba Mamoru of Naoko Takeuchi's amazing creation Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon / Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

This fanlisting covers all Chiba Mamoru's "incarnations" (forms) and all series; manga, anime, musicals, live-action and crystal. Still not sure what a fanlisting is and want more details, then please visiit The Anime Fanlistings and/or their partner site The Fanlistings.org. This fanlisting is also listed at Alterlistings.org.

Who is Mamoru?: Chiba Mamoru is the main ever-so sexy male protagonist in Naoko Takeuchi's manga and anime Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. His alter-ego is the mysterious Tuxedo Kamen who is more often than not the one to come to Sailor Moon's aid at the last moment. In his past life he was the prince of Earth, known as Prince Endymion. In the 30th century he is known as King Endymion and rules justly alongside his soul mate, Neo-Queen Serenity. Together they have one daughter, Chibi-Usa (Small Lady). In present-day Tokyo, Mamoru lives alone (he was orphaned at the age of 6) in his apartment and is a college student. His days are brightened by his beloved Usagi and Chibi-Usa.

By Starlight: By Starlight is the the amazing fansite/shrine that the lovely Carissa and former owner of this fanlisting created for all your Chiba Mamoru needs. Thank you to Carissa so much for giving me (Usagi) the fanlisting and hosting it here on her domain csmalecki.com!

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